Shipping Policy

Shipping times

Please allow up to 2-3 business days to process your prescriptions in our pharmacy once we have your completed patient profile and your VALID prescriptions. Once shipped, postal service times to the Continental US generally range from 5 to 15 business days (N.B.: some locations can be longer). If you do not receive your order after 15 business days, please call us toll free at for help on tracking your package.

Shipping times to areas outside the Continental US can take longer than the advertised 15 business days and in some instances can take up to 2 months depending on the nature of your postal service and customs regulations. Please take the time to verify your country's rules and policies for the importation of medication.

Carrier info

Your prescription order is shipped via an expedited mailing service (usually Canada Post's XpressPost). Delivery confirmation is provided whereby each shipment is assigned an identification number that can be used to check the delivery status of your order. From our other global suppliers, orders are shipped through diverse airmail services.

Order cancellation & refunds

As per the ordering guide agreement, all prescription sales are FINAL and NON-REFUNDABLE as cannot legally accept or restock orders that are cancelled or refused after they have left the pharmacy.

Cancellation of orders placed prior to leaving the pharmacy will result in a cancellation fee of $25. Again orders dispensed cannot be refunded.

Shipping rates & promotions

Standard rate

Shipping and handling charges to the USA are $10.00 USD per package1 for prescription items. The shipping and handling fee ($10.00 USD1) applies to each parcel, not prescription. If all your medications fit in one parcel, you will pay one shipping fee.

Free shipping promotions

Any order for items that are part of our RxSelect Program is shipped free2!

Free shipping also applies on any order for prescription items above $299.00 USD2 (exclusive of shipping fees).

International rates

Shipping and handling charges may vary depending on the location. Some countries may require an additional $10-$55 over the standard shipping rate. The shipping and handling fee applies to each parcel, not prescription. If all your medications fit in one parcel, you will pay one shipping fee.

Refrigerated Items

Items that require refrigeration are charged a shipping and handling fee of $17.99 USD per package.

  1. The standard shipping and handling charge only applies to packages that do not require refrigeration.
  2. Free shipping does not apply on packages that require refrigeration.